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The Refuge Series 2024

Explore a series where the concept of refuge is poignantly expressed through the juxtaposition of white paper and vibrant colors. This collection delves into the delicate balance between safety and emotional depth, using numerous layers of paper and three-dimensional organic shapes to craft profound visual narratives. Each piece integrates the precision of collage with the depth of sculpture, inviting contemplation and introspection.

Presented in three distinctive ways—within custom-made boxes with sliding glazed fronts, floating in Perspex frames, and set in deep frames with mounts—these intricate compositions allow the layered construction to be fully appreciated. They form sanctuaries of tranquility and artistic expression, where the contrast of white serenity against vivid colors evokes a range of emotions, offering a captivating visual and emotional experience.

Each artwork is protected with an acrylic UV 100 cover. The boxes made in oak or walnut have a sliding front cover and the perspex cover plates on the maple boards are removable.

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