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Patagonia Layers: A Tapestry of Time, History, and Nature

In my Patagonia Series, I draw inspiration from the rugged landscapes of this awe-inspiring region. The layered artworks capture the essence of Patagonia, reflecting the stoicism of time and history. The chosen colors mirror the region's nature, inviting contemplation on isolation amidst glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Reminiscent of sedimentary rock formations, these layered pieces convey a sense of permanence.

The Patagonia Series invites viewers to contemplate the journey of the Beagle, reflecting on how this exploration changed the world's history. The specimens and observations accumulated on that voyage provided essential materials for Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. The layers in my artworks, like the geological layers of Patagonia, symbolize the passage of time and the rich history embedded in this land.

Incorporating the perspective of the Yanghan people of Patagonia, I explore the concept of Maia-Ku, a word that encapsulates the inner feelings when contemplating the breathtaking landscapes of land, sea, and sky at the end of the world. This expression weaves into the layers, adding another dimension to the narrative and connecting the viewer with the profound emotional impact of Patagonia's natural beauty.

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