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Harmony in Hue: A Week of Auspicious Colors Inspired by Thai Traditions

Embark on a visual journey through the seven days of the week with my Day Color Series, where each day is adorned in a hue inspired by ancient Thai traditions. Rooted in the precision of hard edge and op art movements, these artworks not only explore the interplay of color and perception but also pay homage to the vibrant customs of Thailand.

Intricately crafted, the series captures the essence of Thai astrological beliefs, where each day is assigned a color based on the protecting deity or Navagraha. From the fiery red of Sunday, associated with the God Surya, to the regal purple of Saturday, these colors have deep-rooted significance in Thai culture and are even tied to traditional birthday celebrations.

Drawing inspiration from this rich cultural tapestry, the Day Color Series presents a meticulous arrangement of vertical stripes. Each day unfolds in a spectrum of hues, transitioning seamlessly in a gradient that reflects not only the passage of time but also the harmony within diversity. As an artist from the Midwest, known for its industrious spirit, I infuse each stroke with contemplation, celebrating the precision of hard edge and op art traditions.

Join me on this vibrant exploration, where each color tells a story, resonating with the rhythm of time and the cultural tapestry that inspires this series.

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