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In my artistic journey, precision is not just a method; it's a language, and each cut of paper is a carefully chosen word. My craft is collage, an exploration of vibrant hues and geometric forms, but it's more than arranging shapes and colors; it's a dialogue between architecture, emotion, and personal narrative.

Born and raised in the Midwest, the heart of the United States, I bring a rich tapestry of experiences to my work. The meticulousness ingrained in me as an architect meets the vibrancy of my Midwestern roots, creating a fusion that defines my artistic expression. Each piece is a deliberate composition, shaped by memories, celebrations, and the intricate dance of colors that guide our emotions.

My collages go beyond canvas; they're a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship, a journey that began in the Midwest and finds its resonance in the vibrant energy of London. The fusion of geometric abstraction with personal narratives creates a unique visual language, inviting viewers to explore the intersection of precision and emotion within each piece.

In my work, I delve into the profound impact of color on our perceptions. Saatchi Art recognized my contribution, selecting me as one of 21 Artists to collect in 2021. The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition welcomed my participation in 2021, and my artistic exploration has left its mark in solo, joint, group exhibitions and art fairs. From the UK to the Americas, Europe, the Far East, and Australia, my creations have found homes, unraveling stories of color, context, and human emotion.


Welcome to my world of collages, where every cut tells a story, and every color evokes an emotion. 

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